North Flint Food Market

Something Special is Coming to Flint in 2024!

Traditional grocery stores are in the community, but are not invested in the community where they are located. The North Flint Food Market (NFFM) is different from other grocery stores because it will give back to the community through its programs and events. NFFM is cooperative store which means it is owned by people and organizations who are a part of the North Flint community.

The North Flint Food Market Cooperative (NFFM) is Flint’s first cooperative grocery. A co-op is different from a traditional grocery story because it is owned by its members. Community members and organizations can purchase memberships as an investment during the store’s development and once it is opens.

Everyone will have the ability to purchase food at the market when it opens, however only members will receive certain perks.  When the market opens for business, residents will have access to healthy foods not currently available in this area which has been labeled as a food desert.

The NFFM will provide employment and job training opportunities for local residents.  The goal will be to create careers for residents who live in nearby neighborhoods.  Individuals who work at the market will have advancement opportunities allowing them to establish long-term employment.

Our mission is to:

  1. To expand access to healthy, affordable food in North Flint.
  2. Create quality jobs in North Flint.
  3. To own and operate our own grocery store in North Flint!

Savings and Deals

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Check out our current specials and offerings at the store.

Join the Co-Op

Become a member-owner today by filling out this application. As an investor, you will have a lifetime membership in the co-op which provides access to special discounts, member sales and much more.

Community Resources

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Rent the community center or check out the upcoming events scheduled for the space.

Current News


The groundbreaking ceremony for the historic North Flint Food Market was held on Monday, August 30, 2021. The new co-op [...]