The groundbreaking ceremony for the historic North Flint Food Market was held on Monday, August 30, 2021. The new co-op urban grocery store will soon open on the north side of Flint. With more than 900 members, the project will bring affordable, healthy food options to area residents.

The North Flint Food Market is also expected to generate a total capital investment of $7 million while creating 27 permanent, full-time equivalent jobs.

“The  new  full-service grocery store in North Flint will help residents with the access to healthy, fresh food they deserve, and offer a community space that will create meaningful jobs,” said Governor Gretchen Whitmer. “This community partnership and investment address a longstanding need in the community and build the path for economic growth and recovery in Flint. The store will feed families, create jobs, and help us continue our economic jumpstart.”

The establishment of the grocery store in this area meets the need for reliable access to fresh foods for people in the community and will also promote walkability in the neighborhood. The North Flint Food Market is also expected to increase confidence in the local economy, create new tax revenue, eliminate the “food desert” status, and encourage other property investors and owners to undertake renovation projects in the area.